Cloudflare Protection Won't Load Site on Desktop

This has been an issue on the desktop version for a few weeks now and the site is unusable even when the shields are down. I’m on 1.47.196 on Windows 7.

I see much issue here, I haven’t tested in older Brave builds to be sure. Using a VPN? Does it work in Chrome ?

I don’t use Chrome but on my phone, it loads alright after a few seconds. I have Brave on my phone too. Here’s a screenshot of what I see now:

This also started on Ducumon’s site too. I have tried everything like clearing cookies and dropping shields and the sites don’t load no matter what I do.

Testing needed here, so we know if its replicable or not

The strange thing is that these sites loaded fine a while ago and I have no idea why this would happen now. I tried loading them in a private window and no dice there. Shields down didn’t help either. I even tried using a different DNS service other than my ISP’s and nothing happens there.

EDIT: The sites are up and running again strangely as the verification checkmark popped up so it’s all good again for now.

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