Cloudflare blocking sites using Brave

Some sites, (Coinbase for example) requires that you confirm that you’re a human before entering their site. However, CloudFlare which should pop up with a tick box continues to scroll indefinitely and won’t allow you to confirm that you’re human. Even though I have shields completely turned off, the CloudFlare pop up still fails to load. Is there a workaround to allow Cloudflare to load successfully?

@Popkiss24 I use sites that have Cloudflare with no issue. Can you provide some of the information below so we can try to better assist you?

  • What OS are you using? (For example, Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • Can you provide links to the websites where you’re having this issue?

  • Are you using a VPN or proxy?

  • Do you have any extensions installed?

  • Can you try creating a new browser profile (assuming on Desktop) and test there without adding extensions or anything?

In addition to the good questions Saoiray asked, I’d add:

  • Does this behavior exist with other browsers on the same computer?

  • Does this behavior exist with Brave running on a computer at a different location?

Asking because I recently debugged a connectivity issue between Cloudflare and Quad9, another cloud-DNS provider, where it appeared Cloudflare was blocking my servers at one location. In fact the root cause was a transient configuration error at Cloudflare that blocked Quad 9 traffic, causing my recursive lookups to fail.

It would help to isolate your browser and your location to see if either is the issue.

Using VPN (or secure DNS) and strict fingerprinting will impact Cloudflare captchas.

Hi Saoiray,
I am using Windows 10 OS
Brave Version: 1.50.121
Here are a couple of links where I have problems:
Not using a VPN or proxy
I never gave any thought to extensions. YES I have 3
Channel Blocker, Dark Reader and Privacy Pass.
I have created a TEST profile on the desktop without any extension. Still doesn’t work.

Had a strange issue that seemed to involve Cloudfare. HOWEVER, I FIGURED IT OUT! New rules mysteriously “appeared” in Portmaster blocking a handful of sites, ChatGPT being one of them. I certainly didn’t put them there and nobody else uses this PC. :thinking: Carry on, nothing to see here. :woman_facepalming:

Hi drnewman,
It’s a desktop pc so I am unable to test at other locations. And yes, the problem still exists with Google Chrome. And no, the cloudflare doesn’t have a problem when I use Microsoft Edge. It lets me confirm that I’m human and loads the website OK.

Brave and Edge are both Chrome/Chromium derivatives, so it’s interesting that Edge works with Cloudflare and Brave and Chrome don’t.

Seems unlikely, but is it possible that Edge isn’t using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and the others are? You can test each browser’s settings here:

Chrome has DoH enabled by default and there are instructions here for enabling/disabling it in Brave and/or Edge:

This could be just a coincidence and unrelated to DoH, though.

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