Search in Brave not Safari


I use Brave Browser on my iPhone because Safari doesn’t allow Brave Search as native search engine.

But, when I long tap a word in Brave Browser and click “Serach in Web” Safari opens and searches for that word at Google.

Brave is my standard browsing app. And I even search in Brave Browser…
Is there a workaround?


1.) It is likely a iOS issue where safari hijacks all links and opens it by itself even if the users tries to open it in another browser or app.

Apple tries to trap its user in a walled garden and you are in it right now with your current issue.

Try with the ‘open in background option’
(The solutions I have pasted may not be workable as I am not an ios user, actual users might be able to help.)

2.) As far as I know, there is a workaround for using brave search in safari by using an extension.


If you want to go back to using safari browser but search with Brave as default, I found this app that basically is a one for all safari extension. One of the great things is allows you to do is set any search engine as your default in iOS. Found it when trying out different search engines and mojeek recommended the app. It’s called Hyperweb.

It would be better if Brave implemented an extension into their app like Neeva have but for now, this app can do the trick.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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