URL via 6-word seed phrase

Using this Request Post as base: URL via QR-Code Button , where I suggest to have a QR-Code button on Desktop to export the Brave Browser Desktop page to the Brave App Mobile, now I give an idea to do the inverse process.

As the communication from mobile to computer is not so simple like the inverse, because there is not a QR-Code reader in the majority of the computers, I create this idea to use a 6-word seed phrase to import Brave Mobile App page to the Desktop Brave Browser:

First you need to go to the mobile page setting ("…") and choose the last option “Send to Desktop”:

So you’ll get a 6-word seed phrase

Now open your Desktop Brave Browser:

Click on the Import Brave Mobile Page button and fill the empty aeas with the mobile 6-word seed phrase.

Click on “Import” and done.

PS: Put this 6-word seed phrase with an expire time.