URL via QR-Code Button

Hello dear comunity.

Sometimes we are using desktop browser in the office, or we are at home, and then we just need to go. Sometimes we get a very interest page (and so we are not logged in Brave account) but the URL of this page is giant, at the same time its SEO is not good, so it is a page you are going to lose if you don’t save it.

So, let’s do the exercise: We really need to go but we want to get this URL link saved in our Brave mobile App.

This is a solution idea:

“QR-Code URL” button in the Desktop browser:

When you click it shows the URL QR-Code:

Now you have the page you doesn’t want to lose in your Brave app on your phone.

So simple like that.


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Hey! Thanks for posting. This is a really cool suggestion – will pass it along to the team!

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I’m glad you liked. Cheers

I created a complemment suggestion in another topic: URL via 6-word seed phrase