Can not sync from mobile to desktop

I’m using Brave Browser for Android. My device Android 10 and I’m using latest version of brave.

I’m trying to sync from my mobile to desktop my bookmarks, passwords etc. When I take the sync code from mobile and paste the destop, Brave always says: “Incorrect sync code”

What can I do for it? I can export my passwords from mobile but there is no any export bookmarks -_-

What you could do is to start a sync chain on the desktop → leave sync chain on phone if already on one → Add a device sync on mobile → Scan QR code on PC

I can not leave sync because my sync only in my mobile. -_-

Is your sync code of 24 words or 25 words ?

There is 25 words my sync code from mobile.

Could you tell me the last ( 25th word ) ?
The 25th word changes daily, so making sure your input is the right one.

latest word is bounce.

Okay. That’s right.
Are you sure that you’re not adding any additional spaces or letters / inputing everything correctly.

I’m sure is the right one because I copy the words and paste to whatsapp, from desktop I copy the words from whatsapp :smiley:

smort work. Was gonna tell you to do something similar.

Yep. I’m so lazy and I can not write all 25 words manually :smiley:

Is the Brave on PC / desktop updated to the latest one as well ?
Latest one as of now is 1.46.134

Hello @the.selimorhan

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave.
as @SmartyAadi mentioned, could you kindly tell us if desktop is updated to the latest Brave version as well?

Be waiting for your response!

I see now Brave for android not latest version. I updated but still same. I will wait to refresh code than I’ll try again.

I don’t think the code refreshes. If you mean the 25th word, then I guess. But don’t think will be much helpful.

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