Brave Rewards QR Code Missing from Desktop

The latest iOS Brave Browser no longer supports Brave rewards and there is an option for a one time wallet transfer from iOS to the Brave Desktop. But a QR Code is required from the desktop version and there is no QR Code option in the Brave Rewards tab. How do I transfer my wallet to desktop?


Yup I’m having the same problem.

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I’m surprised on the lack of responses. Has anyone figured out how to transfer the iOS wallet to the desktop wallet? I’m worried that I will lose all my BAT tokens In my iOS devices.

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Brave says that the QR Code will be available in an upcoming release.

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+1 here. no QR code on Mac.

This feature will be available after we release a hotfix update for desktop, likely later this week:

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Same here. I can’t send my rewards using the qr code on my computer. Help

The Brave Browser for desktop has just been updated and the QR code button is now available. I was able to transfer all my mobile iOS devices rewards to the desktop.

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The latest version supports it now, make sure you got it installed.

it is still not wotking

Make sure you are on the latest update for Brave Desktop Version 1.18.75.
Go into Brave Rewards Tab and you will see a QR Button. (See Image below)
From your mobile device, use the legacy transfer option and it will ask for the QR Code from the desktop. That’s it, all rewards should transfer over.
QR Button

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I downloaded the very new version on my laptop and on my phone.
Didn’t work anyway.

Which part isn’t working exactly? Do you not see the QR code button on the desktop or are you not seeing the legacy transfer option on your iOS device? Could you explain in more detail on what you are experiencing?

I do see the Qr Code. But when i put my phone to read the Qr Code, a message come up saying something like “try again: Brave couldn’t connect or somehow we are wrong”
So, doesn’t work.

That’s unfortunate and sorry to hear about that. Not sure what the fix could be. Hopefully you can get it resolved some day soon.

:woman_shrugging:t4: Yeah, unfortunately that’s the situation. It doesn’t work so I can’t transfer my rewards to my desktop wallet.

Out of curiosity, do you have a verified wallet? I’m wondering if by not having a verified wallet, that might be stopping the transfer?

I do have UpHold verified.

I’m all out of ideas, sorry. Hope you get some answers.

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