Uphold wallet tips and creator

I am not receiving tips to my creator account. It shows verified on my laptop but not on my phone. I sent tips they were debted from my account but not recieved. Also monthly rewards do not reflect and I’m unable to sync my 3rd device being my laptop

@Skunk_digital Update your App from Play Store. Now you can see the verified creator in your Android.

Which app brave or uphold good sir.? And thanks for responding.

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Says its already updated

Once I’m proven verified when will the tips and likewise browser rewards reflect?

Thanks again

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Without verified creator don’t send any tip otherwise will lose. If show in your system verified than you should to send tip.

It showes verified when I sent it

When I went to check my laptop it wasn’t. Also I sent since it was showing verified both mobile and desktop still nothing. Also my ad rewards aren’t there

This is incorrect; you won’t lose tips directed towards unverified properties. Instead, those tips won’t leave your browser. They’ll sit for up to 90 days, and afterwards they will be released to your wallet to be contributed elsewhere.

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Your phone is likely not showing the verified status because it is not running the latest version of Brave (1.8.112 at this time), or it has not yet polled for an updated publisher list (this happens roughly once a week). I hope this helps!

Timing is funny just so happened to be texting lol. May you please assist me in clearing this up. If I lost them sure no worries. I’d prefer not to but I’d like to recover if possible and avoid any future misfortunes

I’ll reach out again next month around the 6th and see what happens. Thanks for your attention

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@sampson Thanks for the information.

Can someone in help me please

Where can I find brave support team. Can someone please direct me