Tips seen in Creators portal but not being transferred to Uphold

Hey there,

I have registered four channels in my Creators account (Twitter, Reddit, YT, Github) and they did receive several minor tips in the last two months but these tips did not show up in my verified Uphold account. All the cards over there are 0.0 – is there some kind of minimum or why are they missing?

Disclaimer: I am obviously a verified publisher & I’ve successfully verified at Uphold several months ago. My personal ad earnings / rewards get credited fine - just not the tips my channels received so far.

Oh, and FWIW: referrals do work too and do get credited to Uphold. It’s just the tips missing so far – I’ve never received them at Uphold.

Ok, looks like they are finally trickling in this month. At least I got the tips for YouTube, GitHub now – Twitter is still missing…

Oh, and all went into the general Brave Rewards card at Uphold, not into their respective cards labelled according to the channel.

It’s only for direct contribution – when tipper (is that the correct term?) have a verified brave:rewards wallet.

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Thank you for clarifying @eljuno!

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