Uphold Wallet Restauration

I heard that Uphold wallets supported up to 4 different devices.

Well, I formatted my hard drive without saving anything from Brave, because it was acting weird, presenting some bugs, so I decided to do a clean Brave installation after installing the clean Windows as well.

And now I tried to link my Uphold account and surprise surprise: I can’t no longer link it to Brave (Maximum of devices reached), and this is the first time I reset Brave after creating the Uphold account.

So sputid. Is there any solution for this? I don’t think so. BATs will be stucked here. Feels like Russia after the SWIFT ban.

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This just means you’ll need to do a Wallet unlinking request form as is discussed at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Just a FYI, this is actually something they are modifying/eliminating in the next month or two. I think they said the next build that gets released (if things don’t delay it) is going to have the option for users to unlink their own wallets.

But I’m guessing you had it on other devices or something? It shouldn’t be showing that unless you’ve connected to it with different internal wallets. So like reinstalling Brave, using Brave on multiple devices, etc all can do it. If you sincerely never have, then it’s weird to be happening.

Good they are going to modify it. And no, I don’t use it on my phone or any portable device, Only PC.

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Bro check Dm I Sent you a solution may be it’ll work

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