Uphold verification seems not supported in France still

Yesterday was announced that Uphold services were back in France : France: Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold re-enabled!

I just want to report it’s still impossible for me to link my account back with rewards. I still get the “Error: Region not supported” pop-up when trying (Browsers up to date, same issue on all 3 versions : Release, Beta, Nightly and on different devices: PC & mobile).

I collected some similar records from the French community.

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Hi @Fumeterre - can you try now and let me know if the issue is the same?

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Hi @steeven ! Thank you kindly for reaching out.

With the last browser’s update I succeed to link my Uphold account back :partying_face:

Sorry to bother, I was kinda frustrated to see it announced and not working. Now everything seems to work smoothly !

I’ll check for some feedback from the French community !


Hello dear community,
Same issue for me, just tried to connect and my account was signaled…
Thanks for your help …!

@Art.p Create your own topic please. Also make sure you give more details when you do, such as which country you’re in. If you are saying you’re in France, also have to ask if you’ve ever had a passport outside of France you might have used to verify your account.

@SaltyBanana can you close this one too?

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