I can't verify my account in France

Hello, I Can’t verfy my brave rewards account with Uphold.
But When I connect [Uphoold site] wallet.uphold.com I have no problems.
Could you help me to verify my account please ?

Are you French. Do you have French nationality?
usually this issue happens when the nationality and place of residence are different.

I suggest that you issue a support ticket, provide all details you have used for KYC and wait for Brave’s answer.


@Naassan The error you’re showing makes it sound like you have not completed all the verifications within Uphold as is needed. Please make sure to go to Uphold and also check your email to make sure they don’t need anything else. While there, also make sure you have 100% completed your Profile. Such as detailed name, mailing address, etc. Do not leave anything out.

True, if it was the unsupported region one. This particular error they are seeing is:

Error: You need a validated account to log in

Try again after you finish identification verification on Uphold.

Something like that in terms of translation. So yeah, basically saying they didn’t finish KYC/AML or they have incomplete information in their Uphold account.

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Hello, On Uphols site, my account is OK with address etc.
How can I verify my documents account ?

Do you get a prompt there?
If not, then maybe go to more tab →

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