Uphold verification error


When trying to verify my Uphold account I get the following error:

“Error: Limited Uphold account functionality
According to Uphold, there are currently some limitations on your Uphold account. Please log in to your Uphold account and check whether there are any notices or remaining account requirements to complete, then try again. For example, you may need to submit more information to Uphold.”

I have already reached out to Uphold and they said this is something that Brave will have to fix.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you very much in advance!


Unfortunately, this is what a lot of their shitty customer service people do whenever they see anyone mention Brave.

This means the API (the computers) that talk between Uphold and Brave are having a conflict. Sometimes it means you haven’t completed CDD/KYC or in other cases it might mean you haven’t completed your Profile in Uphold.

When I talk about completing your profile, I mean like I show at Uphold and wallet verification - #8 by Saoiray

Also kind of mentioned the same thing below:

Also, make sure you’ve gone through all your email, including Spam. Sometimes they send things there. Usually this particular notice means you haven’t verified your email, did not complete CDD, or they are waiting for you to submit documents (though you should have a notice in your Uphold account when you sign in if that’s the case).

What can be said though, as much as hate to hear it, is that the issue most likely is something that isn’t complete on Uphold’s side of things. It’s just when they respond, they only talk about what they care about in that moment. You have your account done and maybe provided enough information for basics, so as far as they are concerned…you’re good. So that’s what they tell you. They don’t think to inform you, “if you didn’t fill out your profile completely, it won’t connect with Brave. That’s something you have to do on our website.”

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Hello there

I had already verified my account way back in April, but, Brave shows this error now!

You can check my verification details:



I also have the same problem

I am also experiencing this issue.

My account is verified on Uphold’s system.

im also getting it. except i couldnt even pull out my bat from the uphold website. i tried and my transaction was canceled even after confirming 2fa. wtf?

I’m getting the same error only now, and I think I can pinpoint exactly when and why. I was verified, I got my rewards into my Uphold account, and even made a transaction there. Then I decided I would change my email and password, and after I successfully did it, and verified the new email, my account was put under a 24-hour cooldown restriction where I couldn’t deposit nor withdraw money as part of their money-laundering policy.

That’s when my account got unverified again from Brave Rewards. One day later I got an email from them saying the restriction was lifted, everything’s back to normal, except for the fact that I can no longer verify my account. I’m still getting the same error, even though everything’s back to normal at Uphold after the 24-hour restriction.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Solution (hopefully) here: SOLUTION to "ERROR: Limited Uphold account functionality”

same issue, my uphold account has no limitation and there is nothing pending verification.

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