Uphold is not responding

Hi, I wanted to get back an uphold and use my old account that I had previously canceled, I tried to contact support but they don’t give me any answer (I’ve been waiting for more than a week). I live in Italy and I can only use this service, has anyone had the same experience as me? what can I do? Thank you

You mean you canceled/deleted it with Uphold? Or what do you mean by this? I want to make sure not to make any wrong assumptions.

It’s hard to answer without getting a better understanding of your situation. If your account is not active and in good standing with Uphold, then it would make sense that Brave is unable to connect to it. At that point, the only thing you can do is contact Uphold and there is not much assistance that can be given to you here.

If you are describing a different situation, then will have to offer advice when we get a more detailed explanation of what happened and the exact message/error you’re receiving.

my account is no longer active I contacted uphold for assistance but he is not responding, I wanted to know if anyone had had such an experience and possibly how to solve it

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@peppenamir Ok, yeah. So if it’s all to do with Uphold then about the only advice that can be given is to email them at support@uphold.com or their support ticket at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, which it sounds like you have done. Obviously your topic here will remain in case anyone else has some advice and to answer if they had the same experience as you, but just wanted to be clear I don’t think anyone from Brave will be able to assist.

Did you make a new account after cancelling the old one ?
In this case there’s not much possibility of them enabling your old account since you can only have 1 account for each person. You will have to use the new account. I too made an account but I did not verify KYC / AML right away so they had to close it and I made a new one instead.
If thats not the case, steps mentioned by @Saoiray are the best.

BTW, Happy birthday! @peppenamir

no i haven’t created any other account, i’m waiting (to no avail so far) for an answer from uphold and i have to admit it’s a bit frustrating to have no answer, but above all to have no alternative, up to now i’ve used gemini and i have to admit that I could never complain.
in any case, thanks to all for the replies, I love brave browsers

thanks to all for the support, now I have uphold configured, it took 3 weeks and a little more to solve the problem, thanks to all again

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