Uphold closed my account and not getting response suggestions

So I just started using Brave. I started the process to verify my wallet and had to quit midway through. For the next week I was busy and had forgotten about it. Then I got an email from Uphold about confirming some information Due to the time and not really paying attention I totally forgot Brave worked with Uphold and I thought maybe someone had tried setting up an account with my email address so I contacted them asking if they were affiliated with any other services as I had no recollection of setting up an account. They immediately shut down my account suspecting fraud. They never answered my questions and just closed the account.

Now realizing that Uphold is the service that I signed up with to verify the wallet I have tried contacting them for help in reopening my account as there was no fraud or suspicious activity. I have not gotten any responses only emails that they can not offer me an account. I even tried a different email address. Any suggestions? I really enjoy using Brave and would like to take part in the rewards and payments to content providers.

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