Very bad KYC process from Uphold

As said in this community, the KYC process is required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts.
This is a good and right thing.

The bad thing is the partner company that was chosen by “Brave Browser”: the Uphold company.
I was a new potential publisher to try this interesting project, but Uphold has kicked me out because an inexplicable failing in the KYC that they manage.
And that’s all. Bah!

To say better, after few minutes from my KYC registration process they welcomed me and, at very same time, suspended ad closed my registration. Uh?!
And with “non sense” motivation, like this: “…we discovered a potential security risk with the information you provided…”.
At first, I think a sort of mistake and I try to contact their support for assistance (and even this was not easy, because they do not provide any event-based automation to contact them).
However, they have replied very fast, and (again without plausible explanations) pointed me to upload another document ID and selfie. Done this too, few hour later this company reply to me with a last wandering email: “…we are not able to offer you access to an Uphold account at this time. As a result, your account has been permanently closed”, without any piece of motivation.

Like many other in digital economy, I’m a user of lot of platform and bank account around the world, passing any KYC, FATCA, CRS and DAC withouth any problem. Therefore, the guys at Uphold have several problems to solve, given what I’m reading around and what has incredibly happened to me.
There are also incurred damages caused by all this: the impossibility to play with “Brave Browser” project and the unpredictable destination of the personal data collected on my person (identity ID, driving license, seflie, etc.).

Very disappointing.

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