Uphold currently not available in your region


I tried to reconnect to uphold, but both buttons (gemini, uphold) are gray and it says: “Uphold currently not available in your region” and it is not possible to connect. I checked this list (https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/6539887971469) and Poland is on 42 place. What should I do?

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Go to brave://flags and enable flag called ‘Always show brave rewards custodial options’

That will restore the buttons and make them active.

If your passport is from a region listed at the page above, then youll be able to connect. But, I don’t see how you saying you’re polish, see greyed out buttons.

Did you choose Poland in brave rewards choose region prompt?
You can check your selection at brave://rewards-internals

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It worked! thank you very much!
yup, PL region

BUT, after connecting to wallet brave show me this:

Error: Unsupported region
Your Uphold account can’t be linked to your Brave Rewards profile. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that currently does not support connections to the Brave Rewards profile.

View the updated list of supported regions and learn more about linking your trust account to your Brave Rewards profile.

You’ll have to follow steps at

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I am verified by KYC and 2FA

Yes I know. Even I was. I got a prompt to take a selfie to prove it was me, this morning.

So just follow the steps at the above post. They’ll help.

I done it a while ago :confused: pic of my ID card and selfie

When ?
If its been more than 24 hours, I will suggest escalating the issue with Uphlold through the chat in the App. For Live chat go to Uphold app onmobile → More tab → Help → Chat with us.

If you’re on PC and would like to do it from there, raise a Uphold support request at

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That is cause your region is unsupported. Is your passport / Government ID from Poland ?
If not, then your Government ID might be of a region not listed at the list.

~10min so it should not be the problem.
Okay, I will raise a ticket and wait

Thank you for your help and your time, have a amazing day :smiley:

yup, polish ID card and polish residence

Are you a Polish resident though ?

yup, Im in Poland too

Okay. So, somehow your Uphold account is still seen to be from an unsupported region. Can you share a screenshot of the error you receive ? Cause you edited the post, I wanna make sure we are on the same page.

Remember its in Polish xD

Yep, lol. I use a translator https://translate.yandex.com
it does wonders. Anyway your problem is Unsupported region.
You live in a supported region but getting this notice, then it’s likely that you used a passport or other form of ID for a country that’s not currently supported. Brave will rely on whatever passport you submitted to custodial partners to determine your location.

For example, let’s say you created Uphold when you lived in Russia and you used your passport from there. Now you live in France and have changed your address with Uphold, but you didn’t submit a new passport or other ID. This would still report to Brave that you’re from Russia, therefore might not be supported. (as Russia is not supported at the time of writing this FAQ section).

but I live in Poland, use Polish ID card and set everything in Poland xD that’s the problem

Nope. Shouldn’t be a problem. According to the list, Poland is a supported region.

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exactly. Should I raise ticket to uphold or brave?

I am not sure. Did you ever hold a passport from another region ?

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