UPHOLD BAT Wallet Confusion

I’m including to recent screengrabs, 1 will be of what my BAT wallet looks like in the Brave Browser and the second will be showing the balance of BAT wallet in the UPHOLD dashboard.
Why is there a difference between the two and why when transferring funds from say coinbase to my BAT Browser wallet, transactions aren’t being seen in the UPHOLD activity dashboard?
One other thing. My “publisher’s” account is not showing the same balance as my Brave browser wallet.

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Same problem here, maybe they are 2 seperate wallets?

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I think they are separate. The Uphold account is your publisher wallet. The browser one is your user wallet.

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Hi @tonygreene113,

Confirming what the other 2 posters stated above, these are two separate wallets.

At the moment you cannot withdraw BAT from your browser wallet. This is a functionality that will be coming down the line.

Thanks again for reaching out and please let us know if there’s anything else that we can be of help with!

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