Neither uphold nor gemini available in germany - solutions for german brave users to verify wallets?

@steeven - I’m a user from germany and tried to verify my wallet. Unfortunately uphold and gemini both do not support users from my country. Is there a solution for german users to verify their wallets on brave? thx for your feedback :slight_smile:


I’m from Germany too and have the same question.
Uphold and Gemini want no German users. Are there alternatives?

Same problem here. Please allow wallets where Germany citizens can register.

Same Problem here. Can someone fix this problem? Are other Wallets available?

There is always a topic about that… and no, there is no alternative.

@steeven - sorry, still got no answer to the problem for german users to verify gemini or uphold wallets. Can u pls. help? Thank you so much :wink:

German users are probably not that important to Brave. No wallet that can be verified in Germany. And this has been the case for months.
When will this be changed?

brave wallet w/meta mask…

According to uphold website, Europe/Germany may be supported again on February 1st:

**Pressing thumbs**

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