GERMANY - custodial wallet service options?

What are any options available for new German resident USERS for verifying Brave Rewards wallet and linking with any custodial wallet service such as Uphold, Gemini or another?

As my last check, new Uphold accounts and Gemini in NOT available for German residents.


@Aman_M probably knows.

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@Davittec Yeah. Unfortunately you are right. Uphold is not offering new accounts in Germany. And Gemini has also withdrawn services from Germany.

And there are no alternatives as of now. Brave is working with other custodial providers and it was mentioned in a previous community call that they are about to make a big announcement regarding it but there is no definite timeline. You can still be hopeful.


Currently Uphold and Gemini are the only options for most of the world. The only additional is Japan only, which uses BitFlyer.

If your region currently does not support Uphold or Gemini, then you’ll have no way to put BAT from Rewards to a custodial wallet or to move it away from your browser, other than tipping Creators.

If Uphold or Gemini is supported in your region but there’s a temporary hold on your region, then you’ll just need to patiently wait until things get resolved and they can start allowing Brave to connect to your region.

It seems like that hasn’t changed. You would have to reach out to Uphold to inquire more on that. It’s confusing because they still offer services to Germany but they just aren’t allowing new accounts at this time.

Gemini it appears isn’t allowing any accounts from Germany.

I’m not sure I understand why this is the case. Unfortunately Google searches don’t show much and they don’t detail anything on their sites. As stated, this is something to ask Uphold or Gemini to see if they can respond, as it is them preventing accounts at this time.

Brave is working on finding more partners and seeing about finding ways to be available to regions not currently supported by Gemini or Uphold. Unfortunately there’s a LOT of legalities and business negotiations that have to occur and there’s no timelime or guarantee when/if it will happen. As bad as it is, those in regions such as yours are left with the decision of participating in Rewards and saving BAT until that happens, donate/tip all your earnings, or choose not to participate in Rewards. I’m not sure which you’ll want to choose, but that’s it for options.


Oh, darn it. Didn’t notice you commented Aman. It’s what I get for answering a phone call while responding! lol.


@Aman_M Thanks.
I really dont know what the big problems is with Germany. While I have accounts in other approved EU countries, I assumed this would be easy but my residency defaults Germany. Another reason the despise ¨EU¨.

I presume there is an option to TIP myself and forfeit the 5-15% transfer fees.

The reason to SWITCH on annoying adverts while browsing was to ¨Earn¨ BATs for my precious online time. But while im in Germany, I have to think twice.

Cryptocurrency was always a problem in Germany. I assume it more related to the independent banking systems and or the Finazampt bureaucracy.

Well, even if you tip yourself, that money would still have to go to Uphold or Gemini. So that wouldn’t really be an option I don’t think? Also, you have to be careful on tipping yourself as it can flag your account(s) and get suspended.

Yeah, it’s tough. I was always an Android user but after Google started going heavy on censorship and data tracking, I decided to give up on them. I bought an iPhone at the beginning of the year and realized Apple blocked the ability to earn BAT while using it. So on iPhone the choice is to view ads but not earn anything, turn off Brave Ads, or use another browser. It really sucks!

But I’ve developed the attitude that it’s not just about the BAT. The browser itself has been better than most and IF it does help on limiting tracking and all, it’s worth it. BAT just was a nice little bonus on top of everything else. At least on your device, you can still keep earning BAT, even if it means you’ll have to just keep storing it away into savings and can’t be touched for now, lol.


True. Brave strongly discourages self-tipping and your creator’s account can get suspended. However, I don’t think Brave Rewards get flagged by self-tipping.

Also, I don’t think there are any regional restrictions on connecting creator’s account with a custodial partner if you have a verified account (But OP may not have a verified custodial account being in Germany).

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OK Self tipping is not a good etiquette but I have to consider that Personal and Business accounts are separate entities no matter which way law or Social media sees it. Its like every time Elon Musk uses Twitter, he is ¨SELF Tipping¨ and in no small way. Elon knows it and he knows, like many, who can play BIG data markets. Us little people just get red flagged for the pittance self congratulations and mickey mouse ways to get off their Elites games.

As for this topic, all I can figure out is the issue of personal residency to get past the issue of ID/Address verification. I’ve businesses in 3 TAX countries/Regions, but I´m screwed as my main servers are in Germany as well as my main address.

As for EU, if one state discriminates, for what ever reason, this should be outlawed. But I am still unsure why Uphold, Gemini or another jumps in a offer services equally in all EU states, under the same rules.

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