Can I link multiple Brave account to one Uphold without any trouble?

Hi I think somebody else might wonder this like me. I am newcomer and recently I create more than 1 Brave account to test. So at the end of this month I am planning to connect my Brave accounts to my Uphold account. Will I be able to do that without any issue or miss-understanding from Brave or from Uphold? Will this cause any trouble for me when I receive the BAT and when I withdraw BAT from my Uphold account?
Thank you and have a great day ahead my friends! :wink:

When you said “Brave account” did you mean account?

i also have a creators. account and also have brave browser on my laptop and in mobile. i am also confused weather i should connect my uphold account to my laptop brave browser or not ?
please guide me that one uphold account can be attached to multiple brave browsers?

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Yes it’s possible. But do note, you’ll only able to connect 3 browser wallets to your Uphold account.

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@eljuno thanks for your help
i have few queries also.

  1. i saw the vedio of Sync with desktop and mobile but i didnot find sync option right now.
  2. the option of “Your Wallet” in mobile is not working so how can i connect the same uphold account ( which is already connected to my creator account or desktop bat Browser) ?
    thanks for your guidance sir
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  1. Brave Sync on desktop is temporarily disabled due to some crash reports. The team is working on it to bring it back.

  2. Wallet verification is only available on desktop. That’s why you cannot click “Your wallet” on mobile. Mobile support is coming.


This forum have a search feature. You can search the word, sort it to “Latest post”, and you’ll find some threads about that topic/word.

We also have for some help articles. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the confusion that I may have caused.
And yes, you’re right Elijuno, I have more than 1 Creators account, which I have been actively shared the referal links to my friends to download Brave browser!
Will I be able to connect my several account to just 1 Uphold (Because I can only create one!)
Will it be safe?
And do you guys limit how many referal downloads I can have in one month?
Thanks in advance.

It’s better to use 1 Uphold account for 1 Creator account. If you have multiple channels/sites, you can reverify it and put it under 1 creator account.

That way you’ll only need 1 creator account and 1 Uphold account @totovu92.

No. There’s no limit for referral.

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