Upgrading to MacOS Mojave broke Brave

Hi there,

I just upgraded my Mac OS to Mojave (from 10.10, I was a few behind!). After the upgrade several of my key websites got broken on Brave:
*GQueues doesn’t load properly, clicking on different elements either does nothing or load very slowly. (Works fine on Safari)
*Google Voice calling is broken and I get a pop-up every 10 seconds that says: You might be unable to make or receive calls over the internet. Check your internet settings.
*Youtube videos don’t play, just a black box with a forever spinning circle (same in Safari).
*Ironically, the Create Topic button for this post didn’t work on Brave or Safari, so I had to post via iPhone.

Is there some system/network element that the upgrade could’ve broken that’s causing these different errors? I did switch to an encrypted disk, but doesn’t seem like that should make a difference?

I’ve tried:
Clearing the cache
Reinstalling Brave
Updating Flash
Resetting router

I appreciate any suggestions!


I run Brave (latest version) on MacOS Mojave, too. All in all it works for me, which may be good news for you because problems are hopefully solvable…

One thing you should check is the stricter control of Mojave on audio and video access. A possible overview of the things to check is here:

I do not have problems with youtube, for example. It may solve some of your problems.

However, it is indeed true to that there seems to be a general problem with audio conference type applications, like appear.in, WebEx, or Google Hangouts. I am a frequent user of teleconferences, and none of these tools seem to work; I suspect there is a problem with WebRTC access. It is a Brave specific issue, because Chrome works all right, for example (I use another browser for my telcos). I hope somebody in the Brave team is listening.

(I do not know GQueues.)

I hope it helps a bit…

Thanks for your response! It doesn’t seem to be an issue with mic permissions. Calling works normally in Google Hangouts on Gmail. I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies and turning off Brave shields on all these sites and it doesn’t make a difference. Random buttons are broken on different websites as well. Maybe there’s a common element that’s causing all these problems? I hope I can get it fixed as I really want to continue using Brave.

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