Brave failing for MacOS Mojave Desktop

Brave Browser is failing unexpectedly every time I open it today. Worked fine yesterday.
Reproduced: by clicking the icon to open the app.
Using on MacOS with previous version of MacOS Mojave

1.Attempted to open browser
2. Deleted and redownloaded Brave
3.Currently updating MacOS to catalina

Expected result: I would like to be able to use Brave

Brave Version( check About Brave): - Most updated

Additional Information: awaiting MacOS catalina to load

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Hi @joefieldsjohnson. Welcome to Community! Do you have any more information on how Brave fails, such as any error messages or screenshots?

Also, since you’re updating to Catalina, could you give us an update on whether or not Brave opens once you update?

So I upgraded to Catalina. It was not working initially (just bounced in dock a few times then stopped). Now deleting and reloading.

So I click on the brave icon and it bounces a few times then nothing happens. No warning or any other error message.

Did you see below? (making sure I am using the community correctly)

I’m wondering if it’s a Hardware Acceleration issue – although if that was the case, I feel as though it would have presented before now. I think it’s worth trying though, but since you can’t launch the browser normally, we’ll have to do it from the Terminal on your system. Try the following

  1. Open Terminal on your system.
  2. Type the following command
open -a "" --args --disable-gpu 

This will [attempt] to launch the browser, but the flag at the end (--disable-gpu) will launch it with HWA initially disabled.

Let me know the results and we can go from there.

Thanks for the help. That actually stated that did not exist. I went into the library and deleted the Brave files. Then downloaded again. It is now starting. Thanks for the help.


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