Updated Brave Browser and BAT disappeared

On 9/9/21 I updated my brave browser and before updating I had BAT viewable in my browser. Post updated my rewards went down to 0. My wallet is verified. Wallet created: 12/23/2020, 02:45:22 PM. Anyone offer any help? Not sure where all my BAT went.

I’m a new Brave user and untill yesterday I had 0.300 BAT, then today they disappeared, so I guess we have the same problem?

me too-did they ever fix this?

No unfortunately I haven’t heard from support in a few days and the problem was never fixed

mine showed back up, but Im earnign so few so slowly it doesnt really seem worth it. The idea is a great one, but there needs to be ways to earn more faster so then you can contribute more and still earn. right now all mine look like they will just get contributed each month

Yea. Especially since availability of sponsored images in desktop went to 0.
There have no sponsored images campaigns in Germany for almost a month now.
I get them an Android. But not PC anymore… really frustrating…

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