Estimated pending rewards is 24BAT but I only got 7.7BAT

It seems that this kind of problem occurs on most brave browser users. Last august I got what I owed which was 16.14BAT straight from my uphold account. There was a little bit of delay but still I got all of my pending rewards. This month(september) I only got 7.7BAT out of 24BAT and the payment day is Oct.6. Is there a way to get all my pending rewards or do I have to wait again until oct.6?


my payout is still on.pending. 8 sep was the date of my payout but still i did not got any bat in my uphold account

Hello all, please see - Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold

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Glad to hear it then. I’ll be waiting for the next update on this. Thank you.

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