BAT not being transferred to Uphold

Description of the issue: My wallet is verified with Uphold, but all the BAT claimed in the payout days, stays in the browser and never shows in Uphold. I’m using 2 PCs.

Actual Result:
I have 1.250 BAT in my Windows 10 PC, and 1.750 BAT in my Arch Linux PC, but 0 BAT in Uphold.

Windows 10:

Arch Linux:


Expected result:
All the visible BAT in the browser should be transferred to Uphold

Reproduces how often:
Every time I claim my rewards and it’s been happening for some months maybe even more.

Operating System and Brave Version:
1º - Windows 10, Brave version 1.21.74
2º - Arch Linux, Brave version 1.21.73

Additional information:
I found this thread saying that BAT deposits to Uphold were suspended temporarily, but since it’s been some time I don’t know if it is still the case.

Payments are still processing. Please follow this post for updates - March 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status. If you haven’t received by Monday, please follow the steps in the post for reaching out. Thanks!

Hi @steeven , thanks for your reply. The problem is that this has been happening for a long time, it’s not just the march 2021 payout. As you can see in the Windows 10 screenshot, I was paid 1 BAT this month but my balance is 1.250 BAT, the 0.250 is in my wallet for a long time already and still doesn’t show in Uphold.
One think I forgot to mention is that I verified a lot of wallets with Uphold since I started using Brave, because of reinstallations. Can this be the issue? If so, how could I fix it?

Thank you!

Hi @steeven , any update on this? My BAT still hasn’t shown in Uphold.


Thanks for following up. We’ve just deployed a fix for this.

i don’t get my tokens in Uphold yet

My earnings are still not transferred to my uphold account. can you help? @steeven

The fix is not yet in the release version. It’s currently in nightly.

Thank you for the response @steeven . And one last question, this fix will work with the BAT that I currently have in Brave, or just for the future payments?

hola tengo el mmismo problema de los bats desde enero no me pagan y estan en la billetera de uphold pero no los puedo mover

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