Update from old version (0.19)

I have problem with updating my Brave (v 0.19 on Linux Deepin) to actual 0.63 on Kubuntu 19.04 (fresh install).
I have copied my profile from ~ /.config/brave.

I installed actual version and try importing from “old Brave” - ​​without results. No bookmarks etc.

Next I was try to install old Brave (0.19) from git (deb amd64 package). Then copied saved profile to my ~/.config/brave. Old Brave have then history and bookmarks. Everything then looks ok, but dont have saved passwords.
Next step, I was try to install actual Brave and import from ‘old Brave’- this go ok (history, bookmarks), but dont have stored passwords now.
Anyway. Is it possible to have my stored passwords from old Brave (0.19) in actual issue?


is your answer even in the article?

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