Unwanted AI - impossible to get rid of it

For a long time I could avoid a Brave-update and upgrade - until suddenly my TOR-option had vanished - I had to make an update and caught the worst infection ever - the "Leo"AI - I HATE AI no matter where it comes from!

Now I followed the recommended steps to deactivate this crap but found out that its impossible. Whenever I type a search request an option under the input field pops up with an arrow upwards to use AI - and the red AI icon is ACTIVATED - only the search results are without AI but my search input feeds and trains this disgusting creature against my will !
Also when I use Private Site or Private Site with TOR all options are PREACTIVATED - I also deactivate everything, but until I did not go for a first search result I cannot get to deactivate it so my first search always sends my userdata to Brave and to the AI - it also shows my nation although I usually set it on “all nations” and so on …

BRAVE anounces privacy and steals userdata to feed theis disgusting AI creature without any chance to get rid of it ?
I want a light-version – NO cryptos. NO AI - just blockers and TOR and I bet a lot of users would join me - and Brave knows otherwise they would not enforce these options and steal data if users were ready to send them by their free decision
So - how can I get rid of AI - and pre-Settings on private sites ?