Unified Dashboard did not Transfer an already verified Youtube Channel

Recently read the notice about Brave unifying the dashboard for all channels. Before I was able to log in via my gmail, then selecting my Youtube channel.

Now logging in via my gmail sends me straight into the last channel I verified, the first channel seems inaccessible. I tried to then from the dashboard I had access to, add that other channel, but was given a notice that the channel has already been claimed by another account (which is basically the other user I had to create because before that every channel was tied to one user).

I’d like help having all my channels unified under my email address.

It should be merge existing channels that shared same email address into single publishers account, AFAIK. cc @nvonpentz and @LaurenWags for help. :slight_smile:

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Yea, I was kind of expecting that to happen, but apparently they didn’t automatically unify them under the same email address.

Hopefully @nvonpentz or @LaurenWags can assist in this issue.

Hi @Reize

Could you private message me the following info so I can share with the team for troubleshooting?

Email(s) associated with accounts
Website(s) and YouTube Channel(s)
If your website is WordPress
And which verification you used for any sites that are not YouTube channels


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Hi Lauren, I have sent a message to you as requested.


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