New Browser Tab Shape

I know brave is based off of chromium if i am correct however i dont like the new browser tab shape i dont like it because before it was a square shape so even if i was just 1 pixel on a tab it would still go to said tab however now when i click on a tab it has to be more centered and it makes navigating large amounts of tabs more difficult


I personally haven’t had this issue, though I don’t have more than 10 tabs open at a time (and 3 of them are always pinned so smaller).

I have complained in the past about the design and how the UI as a whole was just so small that was unusable (FOR ME). The new design is fantastic, the padding makes everything clear and readable and the wider tabs make it easier to click than before, which is why I am using Brave again now.

I do wish the toolbar/URL bar were more customizable as a whole though, but as it is now it’s completely fine. I’d like to know if more people share your opinion, however.

Personally, I really like the rounded corner shape of the tab, it looks very elegant and luxurious
Brave’s update of the new tab shape really made me find a way to write feedback to compliment the development team.

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You can revert the design to the way it was previously:

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Great point! The new tab esthetic makes desktop use terrible for me. I have many tabs and groups open. It’s now much harder to see the active tab. If there were no circle for the active tab, but if the active tab were connected to the rest of the browser beneath, I could readily locate it. Thanks!

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