Unexpectedly closed the conexion

I’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting such as changing browsers and even if i change them i still get the same error, i’ve cleared the cache and stuff like that is there anything i can do?

Hey 96003,

When you say “changing browsers”, do you mean switching versions of Brave, different browsers entirely, or both?

I used chrome, edge, firefox and the private windows brave has.

Well, if you’re getting it across all of those browsers as well, then it seems as though it’s a problem on your end. I tried doing so on my end, and I managed to get to that webpage with no problem.

However, if you’re not, I would suggest disabling your extensions to see if that fixes it.

I uninstalled all extensions

Did that change anything?

Also, just so I’m clear, this is only happening with Gab, correct?

No, it didn’t, actually it’s happening in all pages that i’m transfered to, for example if i’m in a page and that pages decides to redirect me to another page it happens, but with another kind of error like:


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