Browser automatically closes websites and keeps refreshing with a blank page


Suddenly last night, while I was watching a movie on Prime, a glitch happened. Brave just deleted the URL and kept refreshing the tab with a blank page over and over again. At the same time, Edge started opening multiple new windows on its own. I tried with Firefox and Chrome and both of them exhibited the same behaviour as Brave with closing any url and refreshing with a blank page. At this time I could not use the system.

Did a virus scan and found a few which I removed. Since then the automatic Edge window opening has stopped. However, Brave still out of the blue closes the site I am on and refreshes with a blank tab and keeps doing this. Same with other browsers.

Since this is happening across browsers, it surely is not specific to Brave. But I don’t know what else to do to resolve this and the only remaining option would be to do a full reinstallation of Windows.

Any help is appreciated.



Try re-updating Brave, maybe something is corrupt (Brave sent a new update for Windows PC, 1.44.108) and hopefully this solves your issue.

For this, follow the steps (for PC):

  1. Open brave://settings/help
  2. Click on the word Version: a download page will appear.
  3. Download the setup.exe file and insatall the update.

Hello @PradG, thank you for reaching us out. Was the issue resolved by updating to the most recent version?