Browser stops opening after a few uses

I really want to like this browser, but it acts like explorer or some 1990s browser half the time. It’s almost like it dies after too much use or too many clicks (anyone remember that issue in the 90s? LMAO). So then i have to completely restart my computer to make it work. Again, like the 1990s. Im using windows 10 and there is no rhyme nor reason. At first it seemed like it was happening because of my usage of other programs in the background such as Steam (gaming app) or a VPN i use from time to time. But the last 2 days it’s been happening just by using the browser only. Once ive “x’d” out of the browser 3 to 5 times, it simply wont reopen.
Any ideas on what is causing this?

Seriously? Not one response? Every thing about brave screams “bad”

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