My account is under review since 8th March


My account is under review although I have provided and explained all the information in the email to brave team in the support of my publish account suspension. but now it has been 2 week no response yet.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible .


cc @asad for assistance here.

Just want to make sure, please also check your spam folder @Esmati. :slightly_smiling_face:

Last time I also found the brave support team email in the spam folder and they had requested from me some information regarding my publisher account which I replied to the email and provided the requested information but since then it has been now more then 2 weeks never received email response again and as well as my account still remain suspended.

Esmati, I wrote back to you just now – please check your email

You come to decision after 30 days, you put me a side. Because i got more bat balance.

I am sure you do not have any evidence of violating the brave terms, all my supporters was individual genuine supporter… very baddddddd for you guys … closed my account without any reason … I hate BRAVE that have such a support agent.

My website and youtube channel got beautiful contents ,… you havent chekced my website contents… see Google and trip advisor reviews and other sources, my website is very competitive among the competitors… that was not the reason that you closed my account, the reason was that I have received a lot of BAT from my supporters.

Note for all publishers: the more supporters you got and the more tips your received , your accout get closed.


@Esmati How many tens of thousands do you get a bat token? so that your account is closed?

member since 4 months , my total balance reached to 8000 BAT.

@Esmati may I see your youtube channel

You are right bro… @Esmati

So Bad for Big Publisher… If you have more audience or followers then definitely they tipped you Bat token which they claim for free… But i don’t know why they close so many account without any reason…

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based on this conversation thread it really sounded like that BAT publishers should only get as little as possible so they could avoid getting penalize

I received more BAT through linked website: and I will also paste the you tube channel link later here…

I received more BAT through linked website: and I will also paste the you tube channel link later here…

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