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I currently have 15.5BAT on my mobile brave reward. I am trying to withdraw them by verifying my wallet but after succesfully logging to my Uphold account. I am sent back to the brave rewards page without my wallet being verified…

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How many devices do you already have connected to that wallet? There’s a maximum device limit of 4 per wallet (Separate profiles on one PC install of Brave count individually too), I had the exact same issue and it was because it was reaching a device limit

Some people say try to disable Brave Shields before you try to click the verify button as well

@Azreeno @Dazzling_Lime

After a thorough review of all your log files, almost every single user here is unable to verify their wallet due to hitting the wallet linking limit (four browser wallets per custodial account). Given the number of users encountering this issue, we’ve created a form for users to submit a wallet “unlinking” request.

Note that at this time, we can only remove one wallet per custodial account. This will allow you to verify an additional wallet/device to that custodial account.

What information is needed to submit a request?

When submitting a wallet unlinking request, the following information is required – without it, we will not be able to process your unlinking request :

Your Custodian Member ID OR Uphold Member ID

  1. Custodian member ID :
    This can be found on your brave://rewards-internals page on the General info tab, under the External wallet info section. Note that this will only appear for a wallet that is already properly verified with your Uphold/Gemini account.
  2. Uphold Member ID:

Please use these steps to find your Uphold member ID

List of wallet IDs currently linked to your custodial account

In the Description field of the form, please include all wallet payment IDs (found on your brave://rewards-internals page, on the General info tab) that are currently properly linked to your custodial account – these are typically the wallets you want to keep verified/linked . If you do not have any wallets currently linked and working properly to Uphold, then please let us know that we can “remove any wallet”.

When your request is received, support will remove a wallet ID from your account that does not match the list of IDs you’ve provided in this field (this way we can ensure we do not accidentally delete a working, verified wallet).

Where can I submit my request?

Please use the link below to submit a wallet unlinking request. You can make the subject line of the form"Wallet unlinking request". Please ensure that you’ve included all the requested information and support will process these requests as fast as we are able to. We appreciate your patience.


Here is the wallet unlinking form ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I hope they’ll release that device dashboard with being able to link and unlink devices yourself soon, sucks having to do it through a support forum.

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@Dazzling_Lime I have been waiting on that feature for a long time my guy. I know exactly what you mean.

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I only have my PC and laptop connected to Uphold tho? That is 2 :sweat_smile:

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@Azreeno Yea, lots have said they have the same issues without have even hitting the 4 max mark. Must be a deeper problem on their end. Only so much us community folks can do/suggest :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helped my guy. GL

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