Not able to verify wallet

Yesterday I’ve received verify wallet option in my android brave application. I’ve already a uphold verified wallet that linked to brave for creator’s payment. But when I click on verify wallet it ask me to login/sign .
When i try to login it just open uphold but not able to verify wallet.


Minimum 15 BATs required to verify your in App Brave Browser - Uphold wallet.

After having 25 bats I’m getting this option.

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Hi, @Aashishh , there are others experiencing the same issue.

I haven’t found anything that could be helpful, yet, but I will let you know if I do.

Yeah that’s the same issue I’m facing. After entering 2 step verification it forward a mail to login and then account will be logged in and Authorization link chnages.

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Yes, exactly. Perhaps @mattches could help us as there are many users experiencing this problem.

This should help you @Aashishh :

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