Verified Uphold Wallet not connecting to Brave Mobile

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  1. attempting to verify Uphold wallet for Brave rewards gives a “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” message.

Expected result: Verified Uphold wallet is connected to Brave Browser

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.35.103

Mobile Device details Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Additional Information: I have attempted to reconnect my Uphold wallet to Brave for the last few weeks. I keep getting the same error. This happens when connected to home wifi, 5G, external wifi, etc.


Go to and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet. Follow steps Wallet verification should be successful (in 'Wallet verified’state)”

Follow this method.

Also, make sure your shields is down, and third party cookies are available for some time. And delete uphold native app from android for the time being

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Is this the first time you’re connecting your wallet or have you had multiple older devices (reinstalling/configuring also counts) connected?

Otherwise maybe this is part of the issue?

Btw; When doing this on the PC Brave browser I received more detailed errors

This is the second time I’m connecting to Brave Mobile. There’s a 90 day renewal unless you have 225+ Bat in transactions if i remember correctly. I did not have an issue the first time. This time it is not letting me connect. I made sure that Brave and uphold are up to date.

Attempted this, did not work. Connected to via Brave mobile browser, uninstalled uphold app, attempted to integrate via integrations and Brave mobile rewards (Brave://rewards). Allowed cookies and shields down. No dice. Do you have any other work arounds that may work?

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I had been facing the same issue as you. The advice of @chh_68 helped me get around this issue. Please follow these steps.

  1. Uninstall Uphold app after clearing the app cache and storage.
  2. Go to verify wallet in Brave mobile browser and continue to verify and authorize Brave.
  3. Note that this time it would open in Brave only and would not give you the options to open the verification and authorization in either Chrome or Uphold.
  4. Go through with the authorization and voila.

Yeah Everytime I do this it opens from my email and doesn’t let me continue to authorize/verify so how exactly did you do this?

i did this and in 2. when i go to verify wallet the uphold page coming with this message ,

" Temporarily unavailable " sorry for any convenience. we are working hard to restore the service shortly.

i tried also to login from the brave browser , but the same message coming temporarily unavailable. when i tried to login from another browser like chrome it opened normally without problem .

what to do?

Facing the very same issue not being able to connect my uphold account to brave rewards

Thanks really worked.

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same issue here too…

This worked for me, thanks!

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Try removing the uphold app then verifying thru brave. This worked for me.

I re-downloaded uphold app after verification and it’s been fine.

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That didi the trick for me! Thanks

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