Uphold doesn't connect on android browser

Hi, i have been trying to connect my uphold wallet to android brave for the past few months with no success.

android version: 11

brave browser version: 1.32.115
brave browser permissions: all of them but location

Brave browser was working properly and was connected to uphold, transferring everything. And all of a sudden it stopped transferring my BAT to Uphold (about 6 months ago).
Few months later it disconnected uphold too and now i cannot connect it anymore.


  • When i tap on “verify wallet” it does allow me to do so, insert the 2FA code and then…nothing, it is not connected and the button to “verify wallet” still shows.
  • i have disconnected all brave integrations on my uphold wallet and tried to reconnect only my android browser, still no success
  • i tried turning off both VPN and DNS already, no success
    I have attached few screenshots of the problem for everybody to understand better.
    Please let me know if someone know the solution or if this can be escalated to whom can help.

my brave reward account
Brave 01_LI (2)

before connecting to the wallet
Brave 02_before connecting

after connecting to the wallet

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