Please make it privacy really?

I was watch youtube with my sister. show her a hydraulic press on Youtube. Then I want to search new thing in browser. I press address bar. Suddenly it pops up. shows her my previous URL history. As you can imagine, it was porn URL and she saw this. I am so embarrassed and ashamed. This browser should not keep history, how is this privacy? If this was default to no save history, no save cache then it is privacy. Now I am embarrassed and don’t face my sister anymore. She thinks I am a weird old pervert.

You could have used a private window.

Use private window which automatically deletes all history and site data.

Privacy is when nothing of what you are looking for is left on a server. The browser remembers your searches but it does not mean that it sends them to any site, you could have used a private window with or without Tor (already at your choice)

this is a multi area issue…first if you dont ever want your history shown, brave settings need to be set to not show them. Second google settings need to be set to never show history…you have to search deep in settings sometime with google to find all of them . My history Never shows…also set your brave settings to delete any history and make sure you check the advanced tab and set settings so when you quit the browser it deletes any if any… good luck

good job I am proud of you

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