Unable to open and view ads on Chromebook

Hello all!

Several months ago I made a post about not being able to earn ads with my chromebook laptop. The other day I tried the browser once again (because I accidentally uninstalled my mobile browser thus losing all my rewards and bookmarks and everything /sadface) and it actually prompted me to allow brave rewards!

So naturally I enabled them and when the first one popped up I clicked on it to open and view the ad, but it did not work. So I clicked and I clicked. I tried a few things and then clicked again! Still no luck!

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is it just me? I would really like to view the ads to start earning BAT tokens but am afraid everything I have tried does not work. To clarify, the ad pops up on the bottom right of my computer screen, prompting me to click to open it, and when I click on it nothing happens. The pop-up for the ad remains on my bottom right further illustrating that I have been unable to open and view said ad.

Sorry for the lengthy one here, but any help/support would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

P.S. I had to choose Windows for a tag because there was nothing for Chromebook :slight_smile:


We’re currently having some Rewards issues that the team is resolving right now. I would wait until these are resolved before diving into troubleshooting – since there’s a chance the issue will fix itself along with the Rewards issues:


Excellent thank you for the information. I love how Brave is so involved with the community and always open to hearing from its users about how to improve the platform.


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