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Hello everybody!

I’ve been using the Brave browser on my Android phone for a while now and am super stoked that the ads have finally started.

I have been using Brave on my Chromebook for a few months as well but as probably everyone knows, the ads haven’t been an option. Around a week or two ago the BAT logo on the top right seemed to have disappeared completely. I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this?

And of course since I’m here, any ETA on when BAT ad rewards will start for Chromebook? Aaaaaand the dark/night mode. Super stoked for these things to happen.

I apologize if these questions have already been posted elsewhere - my searching efforts didn’t find anything.

Thank you.

P.S. Also the “tag” section didn’t have a chrome option so I just chose windows :frowning:

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@walkonwayvs Thanks for reporting. Are you seeing this issue on Android devices or only with chromebook? If it’s only on chromebook, could you make a short recording of the issue and share it across ? Also can you please provide the details on points below:

  1. BAT logo disapperd when you enable Brave Rewards? when does this issue happpens while browsing.
  2. Are you able to reproduce the issue on clean profile or upgraded profile
  3. There is a option in brave settings wherein you can disable BAT log when Brave Rewards is not enabled settings->appearance->Hide Brave Rewards icon — Have you enabled this option?


Hey thanks! The issue is just with my chromebook - the browser and everything about it works perfectly fine with my BlackBerry keyone smartphone. As for the details:

  1. I honestly can’t even find anywhere to enable Brave Rewards at all!
  2. As for clean/upgraded profile I am sorry I do not know the difference and I am unaware of which one I am.
  3. When I go to settings->appearance absolutely nothing comes up and it’s a completely blank page.

For now I will add a screenshot of the issue. At this time I cannot record a screen video of me using the browser but if you still would like one I can figure that out either tonight (after work) or sometime tomorrow.

@walkonwayvs Thanks for the information. I think you’re using older version of Brave. Can you please share brave version details?

Upgraded profile means, installing the newer version on top of older version. Clean profile means just a newer version.

cc: @sriram Is brave rewards and Ads supports for chromebook? Please throw some lights on the above issue. I don’t have chromebook to test the issue which user reported.


As far as I know I should have the most up to date version because my chromebook has been automatically updating it. Also when I go into my Google Play store it doesn’t say that there are any updates available and it just says that I can open the browser (instead of showing a possible “install” or “update” button).

Heyy any ideas?? :(:frowning:

After running one bat file I suddenly noticed that my Skype Mic Not Working properly and I cannot video call neither voice call in the Skype and it is creating huge problem for me.

I have this issue too. There is no Brave Rewards icon on the browser for my Chromebook. It was like this when I first installed, and after I updated it, and after I uninstalled and reinstalled it.

There is nothing in Settings about rewards, and Settings->Appearance is a blank page.

Anybody can tell me how to install Brave on a Chromebook? Or post a link on how to do this, I didn´t know it was possible. I searched the Internet trying to find this out with no luck.

Thank you.

You can install Brave on a Chromebook via the Google Play store – note that you will be installing the mobile version of the browser. Speaking of which…

For anyone else in this thread, at this time I believe Brave Rewards is not yet offered for Chromebook or tablet installs. We’re working on an implementation for these devices presently and appreciate your patience.


@Mattches Now that you mention it, I recall reading some time ago that Chromebooks would be able to run Android apps, but I have one of the early models and they can´t, it is only the latest Chromebooks. :frowning:

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Ah word thank you for the info! I figured that might be the case. Well, patience is a virtue and I am quite glad that the browser still works on my blackberry android phone. Looking forward to when it finally comes out. Thank you to everyone working hard on this software I can’t imagine how demanding it must be.


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