Did not get March, April and May 2021 Rewards

Hello Again,

Seems the bug continues with me. Did not get March, April, and May 2021 rewards. The browser version is current. Version 1.25.72 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (64-bit). Need to get a refund for 20.25 BAT.

Did not get 7.5 BAT for March 2021 rewards.
Did not get 9.5 BAT for April 2021 rewards.
Did not get 3.250 BAT for May 2021 rewards.

Balance info
Total balance 129.21149275276224 BAT
bitFlyer Wallet: 0 BAT
Rewards BAT: 63.75 BAT
Uphold Wallet: 65.46149275276223 BAT


Still no rewards. I would like to get credit for my rewards and when I do. I will disconnect this Windows PC and stop using brave rewards. It is clearly broken beyond repair now and I have better things to do with my time.

Can someone start a GoFundMe for Uphold so they can hire some Tech Support that knows how to solve problems?

It’s been 11 days and still no support or any help whatsoever. 3-month problems still continues.

No haven’t seen anything since they disappeared

Maybe they’re waiting for you to lose interest, forget about your BAT, and let it expire unclaimed, and returned back into their pool to be redistributed.

For one, I know if my 3 months-long Creator’s Reward backlog, and May’s Brave Rewards are not paid out, I’m uninstalling and going to FireFox or Chrome.

Sync is a mess, Rewards are not paid out, unresolved issues accumulate. I’m spending way more time managing, monitoring, and debugging this browser as a normal user, than I have for any browser in history. When has browsing become such a frustrating experience?

I am pretty much done with Brave. I just tell people to stay away from Brave.

Brave Ads Payout status = Brave Ads Non-Payout Status. It’s a joke!


Hello @Acuity i got the same problem (3 months too) but no one can resolve the problem or answer us because brave it maybe a joke !

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