Unable to drag and drop anything on Brave

Description of the issue:
I am unable to drag and drop anything on Brave. I cannot rearrange my bookmarks for this reason. I also cannot drag and drop on websites that have this feature, in this case zyBook. Instead of moving what I want, a thumbnail is created and I can drag around a small image of what I want to drag. When I release, it disappears and nothing happens.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Click on something that can be dragged, i.e. a bookmark
  2. Move it to where it needs to go, i.e. to another bookmark position
  3. Release

Expected result:
A small image of the bookmark appears when you click and start dragging, then disappears when you release.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.34.8

I am on KDE Plasma if that matters.

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Please, any answer from the devs to this problem? I’ve seen it also reported on a month old thread without any fix or reply from a dev. Dragging and placing/rearranging tabs doesn’t work either.

Brave version: 1.34.80 64 bits Linux.

Tab arrangement was fixed in the latest version (1.34.81)

Awesome, thanks. Just updated it and it does fix it.

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