Unable to connect Uphold account with Brave Reward (vBAT deadline 31/10)

Briefly describe your issue:
While connecting my 2nd device to my Uphold account, I get a recurring:

"Your request is still being processed, please wait.

Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again."

When I look into Rewards Internals, I see these 2 messages relating to the issue:

[29 Oct 2023, 11:23:01.2 pm:
Unknown message!

[29 Oct 2023, 11:23:01.2 pm:
Failed to connect uphold wallet!

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
Brave 1.59.120, Chromium 118.0.5993.88

Who is your verified custodian?

Are you in a supported region?
Yes (New Zealand)

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