Can't connect to Ledger on Mac

I have been successfully using Brave with my Ledger Nano X on my Mac desktop for months. Starting tonight, it does not connect to my Ledger wallet: attempts to make transactions never show up for approval on the Ledger screen.

I know the problem is not the Ledger because I can use it with MetaMask on FireFox or with LedgerLive.

Is there a bug in the latest version of Brave for Mac perhaps?


Same issue here. It can connect to physical security keys, but not to Ledger Nano. The Ledger still works with other browsers.

I have disabled the built-in crypto wallet, but no extension can connect to it.

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Same issue here. Everything used to work fine just one day ago. I think the latest update caused this bug.

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Same here

Other browsers work fine.

Seems like a brave issue.

TransportError: Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE_INELIGIBLE

Same here.
Connected perfect yesterday, today if doesn’t work

Is this group not monitored by anyone on the Brave team? It would be nice to hear something from someone. Is there a timeline on which this is expected to be fixed?


Agreed this is pretty serious - altho I think it’s an issue with Chrome.

The latest version breaks u2f connectivity. Apparently, a hotfix is being worked on by Metamask.

So if you haven’t updated Chrome yet - don’t.

(Brave does so automatically)

Are you saying the problem is with MetaMask rather than with Brave? I don’t recall updating MetaMask but that happens in the background?

The problem is that Chromium 91 breaks U2F. And, unfortunately, the latest Brave version is already based on Chromium 91. Due to the broken U2F connectivity, wallets like MetaMask (but also Brave Crypto Wallets and Binance Chain Wallet, which are both based on MetaMask) cannot connect to the Ledger hardware wallet anymore.

Same. Is there any solution to this? I guess just use another browser?

Agreed. This is a big issue.

I’m currently using Firefox with MetaMask as a workaround. MetaMask claims to have some solution for Chromium-based browsers where they use Ledger Live for communicating with the Ledger hardware wallet. However, I couldn’t activate this feature yet in my MetaMask wallet in Brave. Maybe it’s only available in the development version. I guess as soon as it is stable, Brave Crypto Wallets will have the feature as well.


Right. Metamask may be the solution for ERC20 tokens, but… e.g. solana SPL tokens are left in the dark.

Where did you hear about that solution offered by Metamask? Could you also please share that post with us?

You can find that information here:

Phantom wallet which is an extension to Chrome and Brave has ‘reversed’ the change introduced in Chrome 91. I have been using it for some days now and it works perfect.

  • unfortunately, Phantom is in beta and I think you still need a invitation code to join the beta version

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