unable to claim reward | linux OS

Linux : Confirm you are a human being Drag the BAT icon to the circle target.

cannot even drag the BAT icon.

Description: Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS
Release: 16.04
Codename: xenial

Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I’m having a similar problem: I can drag the icon, but nothing happens.

Peek 2022-01-16 21-02

Running “Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)” on Ubuntu 20.04 with the i3 tiling window manager.

Hey, I come to say that in this new version released (Version 1.34.81 Chromium: 97.0.4692.99 (Official version) 64 bits) this problem that was happening on Linux was fixed. :smile:

yes, I had to try with zoom out thing, worked !

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