Two user experience breaking issues

On windows, why isn’t there an option to disable side mouse buttons or disable backpage? Nobody, in the history of ever, has desired for a simple mouse click to go back a page. It happens all the time. Typing a forum post, accidentally click a side button. Gone. Simply dumb. This is a “feature” nobody wants and nobody likes, guaranteed or ill eat my hat.

On mobile, images getting saved as webp format automatically and with no option to download as is. Not every place supports this format, yet your browser FORCES it. This seems completely counter to braves philosophy. You have all these ways of blocking google yet force us to use their image format. Also dumb. Maybe webp is totally awesome. I don’t know, I also don’t care, because trying to upload an image but being met with “unsupported” happens all the time.

Yes, I know on windows you can download a program to disable side buttons, but that disables it entirely and not just the browser. And if I want to download images in their original format I can use another browser but thats dumb. You wanna be the best browser or not?

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