Bottom of browser still showing images downloaded

I registered to reply to the previous topic, but after the registration it became closed. So, I feel free to continue and reply here.
This bottom bar with downloads are awful, because:

  1. You can’t disable it
  2. It consumes a lot of useful space
  3. It distracts

Pressing X every time? Thanks, but no.
Brave representatives ended up with “everyone have it”, which is barely an argument by itself. But, honestly, your Downloads popup is way bigger than others. Also, what others? Firefox don’t have it, just like a Tor Browser. Opera don’t have it. Vivaldi? Nope. Do you know what most of them have instead? A TINY icon in the top right corner, near the extensions. With a TINY popup after every download, wich is immediately disappears. But you can click that icon and see the full list any time you need it.
Well, Chrome and Edge have this freaky bottom line. But do they ever cared about UI\UX? They are definitely not the ones to look up to in design.

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