Log in getting blocked on Brave

I might have to try another brave version for now but just had to mention that I had reset my password just incase but yea seems like just normal log in on twitch in general with this version is having problems.

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I can definitely recommend Nightly 1.46.8, it worked just fine.

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Thank you will try it out!

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Same problem here with same version. But its not only on login, i receive the same error when i try to follow or unfollow any channel.
I tried on a private windows with no success.
On Console im receiving this error:
core-20e5e60bdbbb58e0a073.js:1 [GraphQL] One or more GraphQL errors were detected on request 01GDPAN3Y6KP5657J19HVPXA9J. FollowButton_UnfollowUser: failed integrity chec

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This is also an issue on Brave Beta (I haven’t seen it specifically mentioned).

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I can confirm this worked on Brave Beta. Couldn’t see how to disable strict fingerprinting on a per site basis, so I disabled it temporarily to login then re-enabled it and restarted the browser. I remain(ed) logged in and Twitch appears to be working normally again.

I tried to clear all cookies, and the figerprinting block was completely disabled, but i still receive the same error when i try to login.
Versão 1.43.93 Chromium: 105.0.5195.127 (Versão oficial) 64 bits

Seems to affect other browsers, given the reports. I did briefly see it, but the issue could so intermittent. When I cleared the cookies, it worked for me at the time.

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everything seems to work ok for me on Twitch with aggressive shields on , just the video highlighter fails to save even with shields down

Screenshot 2022-09-25 194115

I just encountered the error for claiming Channel Points bonus, additionally I am unable to claim any Channel Point redemptions.

same problem. it works fine on google chrome.
Tried it with different twitch accounts and no addons. Logging in on does not Work.

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on Brave v1.43.93 logging does not work at all. Deleting Cookies or opening without addons does not change that.

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Same thing happened to me last week. at first was a problem claiming channel points then once i logged out i get a error trying to log in on brave.
i can log in on all other browsers just have a problem with brave
Twitch French support department keep posting a photo on twitter saying
twitch is NO LONGER SUPPORTED on this browser

This is happening because brave is blocking the 2 factor authentication popup. (In particular this element POST 400 (Bad Request)) I do not know a way around this issue. Turning off the shields on the site does not fix it nor does allowing everything on the twitch website under the security settings


bit of info from twitch support on twitter:


Brave should send a legal notice against twitch for blocking their users.
Mozilla firefox does something similar via webcompact forum. (Webcompact is not a legal notice but a formal request)

You can try this in the meantime

Bit more info:

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So now they completely took their hands of the problem they themselves created and are saying contact your browser’s support team. This is next level. No idea what browser has anything to do with stopping bots. It has probably to with their backend and not frontend.

For issues not relating to Chrome/Firefox/Edge, please connect with the browser’s appropriate support team.

Now, I feel like they might have a malicious intent. To move users from all browsers to their app (chrome users are reporting problem of not being able to login). Browsers can have adblockers like UBO, brave shields whereas app cannot have adblocker except for dns level which do not work for twitch ads as they are done from same main domain.

Opera ‘fixed’ it on their end

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I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe changing the user agent with this extension to Chrome, Firefox, or Edge will work. User-Agent Switcher For Chrome