Twitch not allowing to login

I got logged out of twitch and already cleared the cookies and still not able to log in and the browser is up to date

Does it happen in a private window ?
Also, it would help if you specify your Device and OS.

Hello @Pandora_Anime, thank you for reaching us out. Are you getting any particular error? If so, could you please describe it or share a screenshot? Please let us know the information above, for streaming issues read and follow the steps listed below:

Hope this helps. Regards.

The browser say unsupported browser when Brave uses the same os as chrome

@Pandora_Anime Need you to provide the following:

  • Which OS and version of the OS are you using? (for example, Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

  • Which version of Brave are you using?

  • Does this happen with Shields off?

  • Does this happen if you try in Guest Window? (Only available in Desktop only)

  • Does it happen in Private Window?

  • Do you have any extensions running?

  • Are you using a VPN?

Hello again @Pandora_Anime, please read the following article to see if the steps listed there resolve your issue:

Hope it helps. Regards.

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